Yummy Pucka Food

The infamous Big Mutha Pucka Burger!

Our Homemade ‘PUCKA” Burgers are made using 100% lean beef, combined with onions & our special blend of herbs & spices. Served in a gourmet bap with a side of chips, homemade coleslaw & onion rings.

Burgers come in two sizes, 6oz – Lil Pucker and a whopping 12oz -Big Pucker. Prices vary from £7 – £12

Standard – Plain Burger Served with just lettuce, tomato & onion

The Cheese – melted cheddar cheese with lettuce tomato & onion

The Bacon – sliced crispy bacon with lettuce tomato & onion

The C&B – melted cheddar, sliced crispy bacon, lettuce tomato & onion

Blue Boy – I.O.W. Blue Cheese & Caramelised Onion relish, tomato and lettuce

Zorba – Feta Cheese & sundried tomato, served with a pot olives instead of onion rings

Aztec – Chipotle Sauce, jalapenos, red onion & melted Mexican cheddar cheese

Americano – Monterey Jack cheese, gherkins, American burger sauce

HOMEMADE SPECIALS – this is only a small selection, we have much more that changes on a regular basis

Lasagne – Lean Mince Beef, with layers of fresh Lasagne & Cheese sauce

8oz Sirloin Steak – Chargrilled to your liking – served with a Salad or Grilled Mushrooms & Tomatoes

Chargrilled Chicken Breast – Served either as a Burger, Hunters Chicken or Sweet Chilli Sauce

Special Salads

Feta Cheese, Olives & I.o.W Tomatoes

Chargrilled Chicken Breast

Garlic Tiger Prawn tails – served warm

Fresh Crab – White Crab meat caught locally from Bembridge,

Sirloin Steak – served cold – 4oz of thinly sliced sirloin steak, which has been Chargrilled & cooked to medium.

Jacket Potatoes

Our love spuds are tastily baked, big in size and come with a side salad & butter.

We have many fillings including:
Cheese , Coleslaw, Tuna mayo, Chilli, Prawns and much more

All jacket potatoes come with a side salad & butter.

Snack Meals

Wholetail Scampi & chips

Battered Cod & chips


Chips, Cheesy chips

Cheesy Chilli chips – Homemade Chilli

Potato wedges – Come with choice of dip of sour cream, garlic mayo, sweet chilli, BBQ.

Kids Meals include


Chicken Breast strips

Fish Fingers


Battered cod bites

Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Ice Cream Milkshakes

Various flavours including: – Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, Rum & raisin, toffee crunch, banana, mint choc chip.

A selection of cold drinks are also available as well as beer on tap and other alcoholic beverages.

We currently only provide home delivery on Friday & Saturday evenings only between 5pm – 9pm, but you can collect an order any day / evening we are open.