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FREE* Home Delivery Service

Minimum order – Ryde, Seaview, Nettlestone – £18, Binstead – £25

Friday & Saturday’s only – 4.30pm – 8pm

Collections are also available

Cash or Card payments accepted

Call 01983 615766

Our Homemade Burgers are made using 100% lean beef, combined with onions & our special blend of herbs & spices.

All served in a gourmet brioche bap

Standard Plain Burger Served with just lettuce, tomato & onion – £5

The C&B melted cheddar, sliced crispy bacon, lettuce tomato & onion – £6

Blue Boy I.O.W. Blue Cheese & Caramelised Onion relish, tomato and lettuce – £6

Aztec Chipotle Sauce, jalapenos, red onion & melted Mexican cheddar cheese – £6

Americano Monterey Jack cheese, gherkins, American burger sauce – £6

Floured bap and GF bap available upon request

Our speciality Pucka Pizzas are made to order using a traditional dough recipe, with fresh ingredients & baked in a stone based oven.

Sizes range from 9″ 12″ and 14″ – prices below are in bold and reflect the size.

Margherita -classic Mozzarella Cheese & Tomato Pizza 7.00/ 9.00/11.50

Pesto & Goats Cheese -A base of Basil Pesto topped with Mozzarella & Goats Cheese 7.25/9.50/13.00

Cheese & Bacon – fresh cream base, Smoky Bacon, Red Onion & Mozzarella 7.25/9.50/13.00

Goats Cheese & Mushroom – tomato base topped with Mushrooms, Goats Cheese & Mozzarella 7.25/9.50/13.00

Chorizo & Mushroom -Chorizo & Mushrooms scattered over a tomato base 7.25/9.50/13.00

Chilli & Sweet Peppers – amixture of Sweet Peppers, Chilli peppers & Red Onion 7.25/9.50/13.00

Chilli Con Carne – homemade Chilli on a pizza base covered with mozzarella & cheddar 7.75/9.50/13.75

Cranberry & Chicken -Chicken Breast scattered over a Cranberry base topped in Mozzarella 7.75/9.50/13.75

IOW Blue Cheese & Mushroom -IOW Blue Cheese & scattered Mushrooms over a tomato base 7.75/9.50/13.75

IOW Blue Cheese, Honey & Walnut-fresh cream base topped with blue cheese, chopped walnuts and drizzled with honey 7.75/9.50/13.75

Feta Cheese & Spinach -Feta Cheese crumbled over Spinach topped with Sundried Tomato 7.75/9.50/13.75

Quattro Formaggi -a combination of Mozzarella, Cheddar, Goats & Feta Cheeses 7.75/9.50/13.75

All Day Breakfast Pizza -Sausage, Bacon, Mushrooms & an Egg cracked in the middle 7.75/9.50/13.75

Meat Feast -Chorizo, Sausage, Ham, Chilli Con Carne & Bacon 7.75/9.50/13.75

BBQ Chicken -Sliced chicken breast over a BBQ sauce base topped with mozzarella 7.75/9.50/13.75

Gluten FREE Pizza available in 9 ONLY, and due to the high use of flour in our kitchen and ovens we CANNOT omit trace elements.

Create your own!Various Toppings can be added to any pizza,or you can swap toppings for a similar likeness.


Chips 2.50

Cheesy Chips 3.50

Potato Wedges with dip 3.50

Garlic Bread – 6 slices 3.50

Cheesy Chilli Chips with homemade chilli 6.00

Hot Dog – Traditional 100% Pork with onions 3.50

Hot Dog – Premium Smoked Frankfurter with onions 3.50

Chicken Burger with lettuce & mayo 4.95

Kids Meals

Sausage & Chips 3.50

Fish Finger & Chips 3.50

Burger & Chips 3.50

Pizza – Cheese & Tomato or Chorizo or Ham 5.00

Ice Cream Milkshakes

Various flavours including: Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee,Rum & raisin, toffee crunch, banana, mint choc chip.

A selection of cold drinks are also available as well as beer on tap and other alcoholic beverages.