Hot Drinks

‘Illy’ Coffee

Regular Coffee 2.00 / 2.60
served with a jug of milk
Americano 2.00 / 2.60
Shot of Espresso topped up with hot water, served black.
Cappuccino 2.80 / 3.80
Espresso shot topped with hot milk, froth and dusted in chocolate
Latte 2.80 / 3.80
Espresso shot poured in to a tall glass of hot milk with little froth
Flat White 3.80
Double espresso shot with hot milk with minimal froth
Macchiato 2.80 / 3.80
A shot of Espresso topped with a spoonful of hot foamed milk
Mocha 3.20 / 4.00
A shot of Espresso poured into hot chocolate
Espresso 1.90 / 2.50
A shot of Espresso, nothing added, served black
For Cappuccino’s and Latte’s, the milk will be heated to approximately 65ºc -70ºc as this is the ideal temperature for quality and taste. If you would like your milk heated hotter, please let the staff member know when ordering.
Hot Chocolate 2.80
Hot Chocolate Special 3.50 With cream and marshmallows

Cup 1.60 / Mug 1.90
Fruit Teas & Earl Grey also available

Soft Drinks

Various Cans from £1.50

Various Bottles from £2

Orange or Apple Juice £2.50


Beers & Wines

Birra Moretti
Pint £5.50, Half Pint £3.00

Wines from £14.50 per bottle

also available by the glass in Small, Medium & Large servings

Spirits – a large selection of Vodka, Rum, Gin & other popular spirits.

Cocktails – please see separate menu

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