Santa’s Grotto – Click Here to Book

£10 per child

Ages 2 – 8


  • Make & Decorate Christmas Cookies with Mrs Claus
  • Make a Personalised name Bauble with the Elves
  • Meet Santa Claus in his Grotto
  • Christmas Goodie Bag containing Festive Treats
  • Festive Hot Chocolate for your child at the end

Meet our Santa with a difference…

Over the years we have taken our own children to many different ‘Santa’s Grottos’ at various venues and have normally been disappointed with the quality of Christmas Gift that is given to your child. Not only could you had purchased the gift from a shop for a fraction of the price, but your child doesn’t even like the toy and never plays with it.

So we have come up with a different idea.. you bring your own Wrapped Present that you “secretly” give to us beforehand when you arrive, and our Santa will give it to your child when they meet him. This way you can purchase a gift that you know your child will like, and it’s up to you how much you want to spend on the gift.

So what is included in the £10 price??

  • Christmas Cookies that they make and decorate themselves with Mrs Claus
  • A Personalised Named Bauble that they make with the Elves
  • A Christmas Goodie Bag containing festive treats…
  • A festive Hot Chocolate for your child
  • Meet Santa Claus in his Grotto.

How to Book? – Click Here

Choose on of the available Time Slots on either Friday 22nd or Saturday 23rd December
Maximum of 4 Children per booking
Experience lasts approximately 30- 40 minutes
Additional information:
A maximum of 4 children can enter Santa’s Grotto with an Adult at any one time.
An Adult is required to enter the Grotto with the child.
Recommended Ages 2 – 8
‘Newborns to 23 months’ may enter Sants’s Grotto with a booked child at no extra charge.
You are welcome to take your own photos.
Additional Personalised Baubles may be purchased on the day.

What will happen on arrival?

On arrival at The Old Barracks, when you give us your ‘Wrapped Present’ we will take some small information about your child so that when they meet Santa the experience is personalised to your child.

Your child will then go with Mrs Claus and her Elves to make their Cookies and Baubles. Once they have been made, you will be taken in your group to visit Santa in his Grotto, where he will hand out the presents and goodie bags. After visiting Santa, your child can collect their Cookies & Baubles from inside the Restaurant and have a Festive Hot Chocolate.

Our only recommendation would be that if you are bringing more than one child, it would be to make the ‘presents’ you provide are of similar quality and value, just so that the kids feel its fair when they open them… but that is just our recommendation.

We know this is not the “traditional” way of meeting Santa, but we feel that you as a customer are getting better value for money and are not unnecessarily wasting money on a toy that your child won’t play with.

At the end of the day, we want to make this experience for your child as memorable as possible.

If you have any queries, please message us or call 01983 615766

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